Social Media and Local SEO How to Leverage Social Media

Social Media for local SEO is simple when you fine-tune your profile, and once you finish gathering the relevant information you will optimize your social media profile and business will start to come to your site. When starting out there are three things that you need to do.

SEO Marketing

  • Use FAQS, pose some commonly asked questions to reach your target audience, and answer them on your site.
  • Research the search terms commonly used terms by clients and include them on your site.
  • Keywords, decide on the keywords. Check your competitor’s sites to make sure that the keywords are correct.

Once all this is done ensure that the right keywords are present on your site, I can’t emphasize this enough!

High-Quality Content

Start an informative blog and try to blog twice a week giving the clients valuable information. Even include useful videos, you may be a Dry Cleaner, and inform the client how to remove that stubborn stain by making a short video of you doing just that.

Allow others to link to your site, where relevant.

Connect your own social media profile with your website. Be careful what you post and keep it relevant and focused on your work or business. The whole point of this is to boost engagement with the clients.

Use quality images, you may even want to make that YouTube Video.

Social Media For Local SEO

  1. Targeted blogging is really important as you are providing the client with valuable information while increasing your SEO rankings at the same time.
  2. Facebook is a great site to share content, and once you write it Google will investigate it and index it, and it is really helpful when the link is shared across multiple sites. When building your business try to post new content regularly.
  3. If you haven’t tried Twitter, try sharing photos and videos on the site.
  4. YouTube has stated Videos are really useful, and the experts suggest that you keep the video longer rather than shorter, as longer videos send positive signals to Google who then ranks your site higher.

Grow Your Audience and Client Base

  • Aim to organically grow your audience
  • Engage your audience to build your reputation, and enable them to feel connected with your business.
  • Keep your content relevant and interesting
  • Encourage interaction with clients when writing your content, they can give feedback
  • Offer small rewards and incentives to the clients
  • Create a quiz to keep them engaged.

Brand Awareness

  • Use your brand name a lot to encourage brand awareness
  • Keep your brand ‘front of mind ‘ when posting
  • Use your SEO Keywords to aid this process and don’t forget social media for local SEO

When you use SEO keywords helps your page to rank.

Digital Marketing

You can influence your SEO rankings, and what’s more, you can do this without spending a lot of money. At first, you will find all the blogging a bit labor intensive and you may want to invite a guest blogger to blog once a week (as long as you read it first).


Read up on the basics and soon your business will be booming.